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September 1, 2009

Let’s Hear It From Waiapu!

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A funny thing happened on this new blog over the last couple of weeks. On each Thursday I put a notice in our diocesan “E-News” circular inviting its readers  to visit this new blog and leave a comment.  A hyperlink in the text made it easy to get here. The response was immediate: visits logged on the first Thursday were triple my previous daily high, and almost as good the second Thursday.  Waiapu people had started reading my blog, and some of them even said so when we met. Written comments, on the other hand, were lousy. More exactly, non-existent.

So far, mine has been the only voice on this blog from from within the diocese – or it was until I suggested to our bishop David Rice that he should set an example. We now have his blessing for all to see ( as the first comment on my previous post) and as imprimaturs go this one is not to be sniffed at. However, what I really want is a discussion about where theological education should go in our diocese, and elsewhere, rather than a pat on the back. So come on in, the rest of Waiapu, follow your bishop, the water’s fine!

Making a comment is actually unbelievably easy. Just click on the Leave a Comment heading box below and type your thoughts into the Comments box that appears. When you have finished click on the Submit Comment button. If you are anxious that you might lose what you have written, then compose your comment in your favourite word processor and cut and paste it into the Comments box when you are happy with what you have written. If you fill out your name and email address that will make for even better communication, but I have just changed the setting that made this compulsory – if you read Edward’s comment on the previous post you will see why! Your comment will then come past me (to weed out spam) and I will make to sure to welcome it and give a considered response as a further comment in reply.  Others can then add their thoughts on what you have to say. A public conversation, get it?

Here are some important questions, any one of which might start you off.

What place should theological education have in the life of this diocese?

Is it important to have theologically literate clergy … let alone lay people?

If you have done some theological study, what topics did you find most helpful?

Are there some things you have learned which you would like more opportunities to share with others?

What is your preferred method of study – distance education, short courses, small groups for reading and discussion, self-directed learning, or something else?

What resources would you like the diocese to provide to help you in your theological journey?

Alternatively, you can still go back to any of my previous postings and make a comment there.

Now go on, be brave, write something …


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